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Corporate Social Responsibility in Africa

WebWhy should Corporate Social Responsibility matter in Africa?

Corporate Social Responsibility is

The role of Africa’s private sector in alleviating social challenges is vital as the well being of society and communities in which business operates creates opportunities for return on investments. Beyond the economic opportunities for investments within a thriving society, Africa does not have a shortage of social challenges which pose great risks to the economy in general.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) frameworks provide synergy and ensure efficiency in efforts to attain social progress. International CSR frameworks such as the United Nations Global Compact, ISO 26000, Global Reporting Initiative and the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals are some of the notable development-centric policies for inclusive development in the world, with more attention being focused on Africa.


Social and environmental challenges are a cause and effect of aggressive business and/or political climates which stagnate economic development.  This has led to the dire need for global and local partnerships to facilitate the attainment of the ambitious goals stipulated in inclusive-growth policies such as the Sustainable Development Goals.


It is against this backdrop that CSR Africa Dialogues seeks to create an information sharing platform to create synergies for streamlining various Corporate Social Responsibility frameworks as universally accepted benchmarks for localized action by individuals, entities in business, non-profits and governments in Africa.


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