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Developing your CSR Strategy

The new bottom line for CSR is to create shared value for organizations, that is create value for shareholders and society which is mutually beneficial and not just a public relations gimmick.

The CSR frameworks are varied and could be mind-boggling on which one will work best as you set the motions in place.  CSR Frameworks: A summary provides the general terms used in the field of CSR as well as the main core areas that  can provide direction to align your organizations values.

Africa has no shortage of social or public challenges, this has called for increased intervention from the private sector which has responded by setting up of foundations. CSR in Africa is growing by leaps and bounds,  there are detailed pointers courtesy of Harvard Business School for you to formulate a CSR structure summarized in point form below:

  1. Philanthropic giving
  2. Re-engineering the value chain
  3.  Transforming the eco-system

Failure to have a concrete plan in place lead to corporate actions that do not have sustainable impact to the organization, communities and causes being served.